Autism Funding

This site helps you manage your autism funding. You can fill out forms, print them, and send them to the Ministry. Then you can easily track how much you've committed, and how much you've spent.

We're just getting started. Our first goal is to support parents and care-givers in the province of British Columbia. We hope to support other provinces in the future.

For Parents and Care Givers

Keep track of how much of your funding you've committed, how much has actually been spent, and how much you have to left to spend. Estimate when you'll run out of funding, to help you budget for those parts of the year where you might have to pay out of pocket.

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For Service Providers

Right now, our application is targeted at helping families and care givers, but, if demand drives us, we'd like to extend our application so that we can help Service Providers. This application could allow you to see how much funding you're approved for, so you can help your families stay up-to-date with their funding applications, meaning fewer delays in paying your invoices.

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